This week Preschool A kicked off our new Science Basics unit with an exploration of Color Theory!  Through stories, songs, and some exciting hands on fun we’ve delighted in learning all about primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary (orange, green, purple) colors!


The children delighted in the books Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni, and White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker.  Just like White Rabbit we did a color mixing experiment with paint, made ABC patterns with linking toys, and even used test tubes and colored water to blend our own favorite color.


The highlight of the week was a giant collaborative rainbow collage.  It’s not always easy for three and four year olds to cooperate, but the children worked exceptionally hard to help one another, collaborate, and share materials.  This project also helped the consolidate their knowledge of colors, as well as practice important sorting and matching logic skills, and produced a beautiful and vibrant piece of art they are very proud of!


Progress Record Book were sent home to all Early Years families today.  We hope you enjoy seeing your child’s progress, enjoy the new photos, and be sure to read the comment.  Please sign and return your child’s book on or before March 31st 2016.