It’s Literacy Month in Early Years! This week, we’ve kicked off the theme with fairy tales & folktales. Students have enjoyed listening to and talking about many of these wonderful tales, and have been intrigued by the imaginative characters. Enthusiastic about continuing their exploration of both plot and characters, Students have been enthusiastic about extending their exploration during centers, and have made some significant connections, especially in the area of recalling and retelling stories.


This week, we also celebrated our 100th year of school! Hurray! Students celebrated the day by sharing 100 items with classmates, participating in various 100-themed activities, and creating some beautiful collages to commemorate this impressive milestone.

Next week, we will continue with fairy tales & folktales, and will look at adaptations of those old time favorites. We encourage families to find time each week to read together in order to help boost literacy and to foster a lifelong love of books in each and every child.