08 Nov 2013
Friday, November 8, 2013

Beacon Of Love Project

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At Livingston American School, we believe all children should have a chance of a normal life, where they are able to run, play and learn. Last year, LAS partnered with Beacons of Love to raise funds to pay for a local under privileged child’s operation due to Congenital Heart Disease. Beacon of Love is a nonprofit organization that has worked in Shanghai since 2002 raising close to RMB 4.38 Million to fulfill their mission of saving children’s lives who are suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.

In 2012, Beacons of Love introduced a new project called Life Wall. This project focused on creating lasting artwork while raising funds to help Beacons of Love. LAS became a Life Wall partner in 2012 and started working towards our goal. Funds raised for the surgery during the event went towards the Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The Life Wall is a large wall display that is made up of individual tiles and the completed display can be viewed on the fifth floor of LAS. One of our very own students created the design and then students and their families had the opportunity to purchase and decorate tiles that made up the Life Wall. We had many students and families participate in the Life Wall project and we are thankful for everyone’s support. By working together as an LAS community, we were able to complete the Life Wall project and donate 36,000 RMB to pay for a child’s heart surgery. The child LAS sponsored had their heart surgery recently and has been doing very well. Thank you to everyone for a job well done!