17 Sep 2015
Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back To School Bash PICNIC !


Dear SLAS families,
Well… we did it!  We are officially through our first month of school! We are thrilled to welcome you back to the 2015-16 school year at Shanghai Livingston American School.  The faculty and staff have worked hard to prepare the school and classrooms for an exciting year of learning and growth.


Please join us this Saturday September 19th for our annual Back to School Bash.  We will open the gates at 12 PM for students and parents to join us for an informal picnic style gathering and friendly competitions between our parents, students and faculty.  Early Years – Grades 1 and Grades 6-12 may wear anything they want for the B2SB.  Students in grades 2-5 must wear their PE uniform for their performance but may other clothes fro the other part of the event.  Students not in their PE uniform for the performance will be given a PE uniform and parents will be invoiced. The event will be finished at 4:00 PM.  Early Years and Primary Years students should sign in with their classroom teacher at the designated spot on the map attached.  Early Years and Primary Years will have a assigned area for the classes to gather so they can socialize with their teachers and classmates.  Please refer to the map and set flags on the day of the event for this special assigned area.  All secondary students should sign in at the front gate with their homeroom teacher by 12:30 PM at the latest.


We will have games and performances by our students and staff.  Food and drinks will be sold by our PTSA and our vendors Blue Frog, Pizza Hut, Ruijin Cajun , Coldstone, Sweet Ever After, JE Coffee, GoGet Waffles and Mexico Lindo.  All vendors will take cash only at this event.  No tickets will be accepted.  Information on the games and the performances is attached with this letter.  We are looking forward to your attendance as this will be a chance for you to socialize with teachers and other families.  All families are strongly encouraged to attend as they are expected to join student/parent games against other student/ parent teams and teachers.  This event counts as a regular school day, students not present will be marked absent.  Please be aware, we will not offer regular bus service.

Enclosed with this letter is the schedule of events, directions on how to play our four games and information on who should play each game. Each age group has a specially created game set so they can play with their classmates, parents and teachers.  The purpose of the game is for the students to have fun and build school spirit while playing with their parents and teachers.  We are requesting that all students play the games with a parent and their classroom teachers.

B2SB Schedule 2015 150x250cm_001

All families should submit the liability waiver form to their homeroom teacher by Wednesday September 16, 2015.  As parents and students enter the front gate, please wear your parent and student badge.  Those who forget their badge, will have to wait and go through a check in process to verify you are actual members of the SLAS community.  Once you enter the school grounds, it is not necessary to wear your badge. Families may bring guests but they will need to sign the liability waiver at the front gate prior to admittance to our school event.

B2SB-2015-Map_130915-4-5 (1)

The PTSA is excited to meet and mingle with everyone at the Back to School Bash!  They would like to inform you that PTSA will be selling cold drinks and baked goods.  Parents please be supportive and bring baked goods or healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy! PTSA asks that you bring something that can feed at least 10-12 people and that they are individually wrapped and bring them to the PTSA table at the beginning of the event.  The PTSA will also be sponsoring a water squirt gun area.  We will be blocking off the basketball court from 1:00pm -2:30pm for Early Years through Grade 2 and from 2:30pm to 4:00pm for Grade 3 and higher.  Kids are welcome to have fun and of course get wet!  We will be selling small water guns for their leisure.  PTSA ask that you do not bring your own water guns or toys so there is no discrepancy with size.  It is recommended that you bring extra clothes for your children so they can enjoy the rest of the day in comfort.

We are excited to offer the following vendors for parents and staff to visit during the B2SB: First Sino Bank / Fubon Bank, Kate & Kimi, New York Dental, Table Life, Bank of China, Delta Dental, Alpha Dental, Renaud Air, World Stride, Shanghai Xikou Printing Co./Hytec, Rakuto, Beacon of Love, Doterra,  Planet Kid’s Hair Salon, American-Sino Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Sharp. Please join the First Sino Bank/Fubon Bank for a seminar on the many services offered at their branch offices.  In addition to these great vendors, we will also have booths for students to play games and make memorable B2SB crafts with their teachers as well as visit our special elective booths by the music, art and cooking department.

We ask all families to remember that SLAS is a non smoking campus, please do not smoke on the campus.  If you need to smoke, please go to the front or back gate and smoke off campus.


Faustina Martinez M.A..Ed

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