22 Oct 2018
Monday, October 22, 2018

2018 Grade 5 Camping Trip!

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2018 Grade 5 Camping Trip to Shan Shan Island!

On October 18th, 5th grade students and teachers met early at school and headed over to Taihu Lake for our camping trip! Our bus ride to the ferry terminal was nice and easy. Students were eager to get this new adventure started. 

After a quick 25 min ride on the ferry, we had arrived to our destination. After a short walk to a local guest house, we had a delicious local lunch. Now the students were ready to start the afternoon of adventure! 

As we headed over to the campsite, we divided the 5th grade class into two groups. That way while one group started setting up their tents, the others would try the high beams, after an hour or so, the groups swapped activities! 

For many students this was the first time camping and setting up the tents, even though this was a challenge, everyone worked together to get the tents ready. 
Over on the high beams, students had a chance to try the "Broken bridge" or the "Leap of faith" both at about 8 meters from the group. Of course while hanging safely with a harness and a professional climber. All students tried either one or both! I have to say we have some fearless students in this class! 

Next was dragon boating, students split into two boats and started practicing. It was not easy to all row in unison, as much as the drummer tried to keep a steady beat. Soon the students realized that dragon boating was much harder than what they had thought! 

With all the rowing, students were ready for dinner. As a class we prepared some sticks with sausage, mushroom, eggplant, potatoes, etc for a  barbecue dinner While teachers cooked, students started preparing their skits and performances for the talent show. 

After dinner, it was time for talent show! We had a wide variety of acts, from dancing solo, to groups, magicians with card tricks, comedy shows and even some singing! It was amazing to see how these 5th graders take their Core values from school and apply them every where! The showed their confidence, their creativity, their communication skills (not only orally, but also with their body) and most of all their compassion, as they all cheered on one and other as they performed! It was truly amazing to see! 

Next we had a chance to try glow in the dark painting! Our Dragon Trip shirts soon became colorful as students decorated their shirts. After that every got back into their tents and lights out!

The next morning, as soon as 6am we could hear the 5th graders ready for more adventure. At 7am everyone was up and we started breaking camp, for some students this was almost even harder than setting them up. But as always, they helped each other and in no time we were ready for breakfast! 

After breakfast, it was time for our hike. We faced some challenging steps and rock bridges, but soon we made it to the top. The view from the top was worth the struggle. 
After the hike we had a chance to help a local farmer clean up his orchard, and we learned how to pick our own tangerines. Students got to take some home! 

Overall this as been a wonderful adventure. To see the students experience new things, share this time with their classmates, has been truly amazing. As the some students shared, this trip has taught them a lot of things, but overall teamwork and learning how to work together with others. 

-Ms Irene G5A