24 Feb 2014
Monday, February 24, 2014

LAS Action Painting, Action Drawing Event


Livingston American School hosted an Action Painting, Action Drawing event for all secondary students on January 29, 2014. Ms. Yolanda from our Art Department created the event and it featured the works of four famous artists. Ms. Yolanda said, “The hands on activities were designed so students could create their own masterpieces using the famous artists for inspiration”.

The first activity focused on the paintings of Yves Klein. The students worked in groups and chose one member to be the brush for the painting. The student who volunteered to be the brush was then wrapped in plastic and the team applied paint to him before guiding him across the large canvas on the floor to create their own masterpiece. The second activity drew inspiration from Dennis Oppenheim. To emulate the works of Oppenheim, the students drew with a chopstick on the back of another student and that student then drew what he was feeling on his back, on the large paper canvas. The third activity featured the painting style of Jackson Pollack. Groups of students used red, black, white and silver to create large abstract piece of art. The last activity was inspired by Tony Orrico and the object was to emulate Orrico’s action drawings.

The secondary students enjoyed this creative event and are looking forward to more events like this.