01 Jul 2021
Thursday, July 1, 2021

Graduations: Kindergarten, Grade 5, Grade 8


Congratulations to the Kindergarten, Grade 5, & Grade 8 promotions!

You are ready for the next step in a lifelong journey of learning and exploring the world.


Dear Friends of Kindergarten A,

YOU MADE IT! When you walked into Room 218, Kindergarten A classroom, I will always remember how nervous and excited you were on the very first day you came back to campus! We read some fun and social stories together discussing about how we behave and treat our friends nicely, and also learned to wait to take turns.

Remember the Three Questions:

  1. When is the best time to do things?
  2. Who is the most important one?
  3. What is the right thing to do?

Hope they help you find the answers in all you say and all you do in the coming years!

Ms Kiddy H. Morii


Over the course of the 2020-2021 school year, I’ve watched the KB children morph into stronger, better versions of themselves. As if by magic, they grow taller, braver, and wiser.

I’ve watched them struggle with challenging concepts and high-fived them for grades they worked to earn, my heart full of pride. I watched them cry over hurt feelings, and then witnessed them talk out conflicts, say I’m sorry, and forgive one another. I’ve seen them come up with incredible ideas to solve problems. I’ve watched them quietly extend kindness to others. I’ve seen them overwhelmed, on the verge of giving up, and I have looked them in the eye and seen perseverance. I’ve seen them make mistakes, and I have called them out on it. I’ve fussed at them, I’ve hugged them, I’ve loved them, and I have called them mine.

I really want to tell you how much I love your children. I want to tell you thanks for sharing them with me this year. While you might see me doing a cartwheel about a much-needed summer holiday, please know that your children will forever be in my heart and I will cherish the KB 2021 class forever.

Ms Tiffany White


KC, class of 2021… You are so special to me.Not only did we learn how to read, write, and do our math, but we also learned how to distinguish between right and wrong, be confident, be compassionate, be responsible and independent. We opened our doors to the big wide world out there…It is so exciting to explore our world together. We discussed why it is important to become a Responsible Citizen, to respect and cooperate with each other as we encounter problems and need to help each other out.

It was a pleasure to see you grow and mature. We laughed together, got mad at each other, cried together…but we learned to solve and resolve our problems, and in the end we always found a happy ending. We have gathered so many precious memories. I am so proud of each and every one of you.

I hope you will cherish the memories as I will. Best wishes for the next school year, and for the great future.

Ms Maya Yao

Grade 5

I am very proud of our Grade 5 students. They made tremendous progress this year. There were many unique challenges; nonetheless, students and teachers prevailed. Middle School is next and I believe in all of you.”

– Mr. Brandon, Grade 5



Grade 8

After more than a year of health scares, travel restrictions, temperature checks, eLearning, lunch in room, temperature checks, health checks, temperature checks, learning to recognize friends by eyeball alone… and of course temperature checks… I’m confident that this class of individuals will find the rigors of 9th grade very manageable by comparison.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you over the course of this year, and here’s wishing a hearty Congratulations! To you all!

Chris Stewart , Secondary History Teacher