May 23, 2012

Dear Parents and Friends of Livingston American School:

Our student body has grown to a thriving academic community of approximately 600 diverse students. As our school population continues to expand, we hope to continue our commitment to technology, environmental initiatives, learning, and the fine arts. To support these initiatives we are seeking your help for contributions to the following LAS Developmental Funds:

Technology Fund

LAS currently has 3 computer labs for Elementary and Secondary School students with over 60 computers. As we strive to be more technology savvy, it is ideal to bring in new computers, projectors, and SMART boards as part of students learning process.

Environmental and Energy-Saving Fund

Environmental improvements such as maintaining and increasing our green area and investing in energy-saving equipment such as light bulbs and air-conditioning/heating units, are both meaningful ways to be environmental friendly while improving the overall environment of the school.

Research Fund

LAS has one Elementary Library and one Secondary Library. To promote and encourage students’ interest in reading, writing, and essay research we seek to add more books to both libraries.

Fine Arts Fund

We strongly believe that learning music and art is a vital part of the emotional development for students. We hope to add musical instruments and purchase additional art supplies to further enhance our Fine Arts programs.

Your generous donation will help support these significant programs. We welcome monetary or asset base donations. If you wish, your donation can be recognized at LAS events and our website in the form of a company name, your child’s name, or your name. Additionally, there will be a Board with Sponsor Recognition at the foyer of our school building. If you are interested in donating to LAS, please contact me at (86 21) 5218 8575, x1003 or email .

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Cherel Pineda
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment