Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling for  Middle and High School Students

Guidance counselors meet with all students in their caseloads to provide academic counseling. This may range from reviewing interim progress reports and report cards, to checking graduation requirements.  If you have general academic concerns regarding your child, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.

Career Resources for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

The following information is intended to assist students in elementary, middle, and high schools in planning for future careers.

Decision Making

Making a decision about what you are going to do after graduation from high school is often very challenging. There are many ways to assist you in gathering information to make a good decision.

Occupational Information

Gathering information takes time. Plan to spend several hours over a long period of time gathering information about the occupations you are interested in. The following links are a great starting place for gathering information.

Princeton Review: Career Research and Planning

Local Resources


There are a number of local resources for you to use. Start with your parents. Ask them how they made their career decisions. Ask your parents what they think you would be suited for. Ask them what they see as your strengths in the area of abilities, interests and values.


Your teachers spend considerable time with you throughout the school day. They have insights into your strengths and areas you could develop further.


Your guidance counselor at high school is a wealth of information. They know the admission standards of colleges you are considering, where to find information, how to access assessments to determine your interests, abilities and values.


Your friends know you too. Ask them what kind of occupations they see you in when you have completed school. Be sure to reciprocate and tell them what you see them doing after graduation!

Librarians and Libraries

Your librarian has a vast wealth of information on careers and career planning. She/he may even have a career information section in the library. This is a good place to gather information.