Brooke Priest-Barney


Brooke Priest-Barney grew up in southern New Jersey in the USA. She graduated her undergraduate program from Wilkes University with a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. She also holds a Pennsylvania teaching license. After graduating from Wilkes she continued on to further her education with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Wellness from California University. She also has worked towards her degree from University of Phoenix in Special Education. She has been teaching since 2010. Her teaching experience includes Pre-K, Special Education, ESL and Kindergarten.  She has been working in Shanghai China since 2014.

Teaching Philosophy

“Every student can learn.”

No one in this world is exactly the same; everyone has a unique personality, look, talent, and learning style. Differentiating instruction is a way to supply knowledge for all learners; the intelligent, the average, and those with special needs. Differentiating instruction meets the needs of auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners. Even getting to know the personal interests of the students could be a beneficial way to deliver instruction. Everyone is capable of learning; it is up to the educators to provide the students with the material in a way that can be comprehended to each individual. Brooke is very happy to be working at Shanghai Livingston American School as a Special Education Teacher for Primary students.